Energy Tips For Busy Mums

Energy Tips For Busy Mums

20 April 2015
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If getting past the 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. slumps is on your daily agenda, it's time to recognise that being a busy mum does not mean an inevitable fight against fatigue. Following these these energy boosting tips from the start of the day will transform you from a mum-run-ragged to a super mum with all the vim and vigour you need.


Energy TipsLose the snooze

The alarm sounds and you try to drag yourself out of bed-but the snooze button wins. 'Snoozing' fragments sleep, which is counterproductive, energy-wise. So set your alarm a few minutes later and place it across the room so you'll have to get up and turn it off.


Breakfast Boost

Everyone's fed and ready for the day-except you. Skipping breakfast is one of the biggest energy saps; it interferes with your body's ability to regulate blood sugar and insulin, which can negatively affect your energy levels. Eat a combo of protein and fibre for a slow, steady rise and fall in blood sugar-boosting your energy and mood to sustain you until lunch. No time for a sit-down breakfast? Stash a non-fat, greek-style yoghurt (it packs twice as much protein as regular yoghurt, and has more calcium) and a banana in your bag on your way out the door.


Tackle the To-Do

Your to-do list is so long your eyes cross, and you can actually feel energy seep from your body. That's because the brain is designed to get foggy when you're stressed. To give each task more oomph, tackle the most routine, mundane tasks first. Complete one at a time mindfully, with real purpose. Doing so mimics meditation and will deflect stress and restore energy. Consider swapping your desk chair for an exercise ball for short periods. It will engage your core, improve posture and boosts energy by keeping your body mobile.


Computer Zombie

You've been staring at your computer so long, your eyes feel dead—and so does the rest of you. The resulting eyestrain can make you feel weary. For eye relief and an energy boost, practice the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a break for at least 20 seconds and look at something 20 feet away.


Switch Off

You'd hoped to pass out an hour ago, but tomorrow's to-do list is scrolling across your brain. The ultimate energiser is a good night's sleep. But if your racing mind is keeping you awake, stash a pen and paper bedside and purge preoccupying stresses by jotting them down for the next day. Writing them down gets them out of your brain, so they don't reappear when you close your eyes.