Just Add Water

Just Add Water

19 March 2015
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We've set out to change the way you think about soup in a cup with the launch of our game changing, all natural alternative.


Introducing Just Add Water Soups. Our innovative new instant soup range that uses premium quality stock concentrate and all real ingredients - none of the dried nasties or preservatives that come with other instant soups.   


Now you can love a complete range of all natural premium soups. Like our pouches and bowls, the Just Add Water range is all natural, low in fat, low in calories and made using only the very best, freshest ingredients. 


Best of all, it is super easy to prepare: all you need to do it empty the sachet into a 250ml cup, add boiling water and stir until completely dissolved for a tasty and filling snack. Simple!


Sure to be your new favourite snack, the Just Add Water range comes in five delicious flavours including:

  • Chicken, Vegetable & Rice,
  • Lentil,
  • South American Style Chicken & Corn,
  • Tom Yum,
  • Vegetable & Bean.


Just Add Water is available now in all major retailers.