Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

19 February 2015
Tags:  Lifestyle

Just because summer and beach time are behind us and autumn has officially arrived it doesn’t mean you should fall out of your healthy living and eating routines. During the summer, the hot weather serves as a constant reminder to drink lots of water, but as the temperature outside gets cooler, however, people tend to not feel as thirsty. You need to keep that water intake up to keep you at your healthiest, so stay hydrated even when you're not thirsty.


Water makes up between 45 percent and 75 percent of your weight. For many, especially active folks, maintaining a healthy fluid balance can be difficult. However, keeping your body hydrated is vital for proper functioning.


Staying hydrated not only helps with your alertness, controlling appetite, and improving activity and sport performance, but it also keeps every day symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and dry skin at bay.


7 Great Tips to Staying Hydrated

If you're living a busy life, even simple tasks - like staying hydrated - can be difficult. So here are seven easy ways to keep your juices flowing.


  1. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of water. Be sure to eat these daily, not only to stay hydrated, but to maintain optimal health.
  2. Keep a large water bottle handy to encourage you to drink water wherever and whenever.
  3. Have a glass of water before each meal.
  4. After each trip to the restroom, drink a glass of water to replenish your fluids.
  5. Set reminders on your phone, watch, or email to drink every hour.
  6. Track your intake of fluids to make sure you get enough daily.
  7. Add a slice of lemon, lime and/or basil to your water to give it some flavor without adding any extra calories.