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About La Zuppa

At La Zuppa we are passionate about living well and soup.  Soup is one of life's greatest comfort foods, but we know not everyone has the time to make them from scratch, so we do it for you giving you a convenient meal option that is healthy and all natural. 

Sharing our passion means providing Australians with high quality soups made using fresh wholesome ingredients that are full of flavour and completely free from nasty artificial ingredients or flavour enhancers. 

Our leading range of soups include classic comfort flavours and emerging modern favourites, and come in three ranges: bowls and pouches - the first instant cup soup made from real stock concentrate.

We love hearing from soup lovers across the land so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All Natural

At La Zuppa, we know you value health, so our delicious soups are completely free from nasty additives. We use only the very best, freshest and natural ingredients to make great tasting products.

99% Fat Free

Our low fat soup makes it easier for you to make healthy diet choices. Reducing the amount of fat and saturated fat that you eat is one easy way to limit your overall calorie intake.

Gluten Free

Finding convenient, healthy meals can be hard if you’re coeliac or follow a gluten free diet. With La Zuppa all you need to do is choose your favourite flavour – our entire range is gluten free

Dairy Free

Being dairy free doesn't mean you need to miss out on all the foods you love. So if your diet means saying no to lactose and dairy, you can still say yes to La Zuppa.

Low in Sugar

We want it to be easier for you to live well and don’t believe you have to substitute taste for health benefits, so there is no extra sugar in our low-fat soups. 

Our Soups



You can have easy, healthy lunches every day with La Zuppa's microwaveable bowl range. They provide a delicious and nutritious meal for people on the go who don't want to compromise on quality or taste. True comfort food, ready in just 2 minutes.

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Look for a satisfying and easy dinner? La Zuppa's range of delicious, easy-to-use soup pouches is perfect for when you’ve got a healthy appetite. From traditional classics to modern favourites, there's a flavour to suit every taste.

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Your Soup Your Way

We Love Vegetables

Were you told as a child to eat all your vegetables? It was good advice. Full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, a plant-based diet will provide a variety of health benefits. These soups are sure to please; whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or just love vegetables.

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Classic Comfort

These crowd-pleasing soups remain our favourites year after year. From a hearty Italian Minestrone to the simple perfection of a smooth Pumpkin Soup, these are the ones you’ll turn to again and again.

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Modern Favourites

The modern palate has evolved and at La Zuppa we have too. Enjoy the benefits of superfoods like Kale & Quinoa or travel around the world for dinner with a Curry Laksa and South American Chicken and Corn. No passport required.

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Less Than 100 Calouries

Achieving a healthy weight is all about striking the right balance between the energy that you put into your body, and the energy that you use. If you're watching your intake here are some soups that are low in calories yet still satisfying.

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