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At La Zuppa, we believe in the fundamental goodness of soup. It’s the foundation of every country’s cuisine, the first course of the finest dinners, and an inspiration of the earlier days of our brand. But here at La Zuppa, soup is just the start.

From delicious flavours to exceptional health benefits, we create our dishes with a diverse range of needs in mind. We offer something for every palate and every diet – because everyone is invited to dine with La Zuppa!


While every generation brings something new to our family’s identity, passion, playfulness and a pioneering spirit define us all and these are fundamental to the character of La Zuppa too. Our Italian heritage means we keep family close, bringing generations together whenever we can. It’s helped inspire our belief that health is for everyone of any age, and that nutritious foods made with new and innovative ingredients should be created with everyone in mind.

We celebrate wellness and no matter what your flavour preference or dietary requirement, there’s something for everyone!


Because everyone is welcome to dine at the La Zuppa table, we craft our offer with a diverse range of health and taste requirements in mind. Our soups are always natural, and contain no artificial colours, flavours, stabilisers or preservatives. They are also all gluten free, dairy free, 98-99% fat free and are calorie wise. We always keep a watchful eye on sugars and salt.

No matter your dietary requirements or preferences, we have something for you.



A delicious, wholesome range of ready-made meals inspired by the simple, natural goodness of a bowl of steaming soup and recipes from all over the world.  From curries to dahls, our one-pot dishes are always natural with no preservatives or artificial flavours.


We know life is busy which can mean making healthy choices hard, but with our all natural range you don’t need to compromise on health or taste. Whether it’s an all natural lunch for work or a nourishing dinner when you don’t have the time to make it from scratch – La Zuppa is here to make those healthy choices deliciously easy!

Shaped by Generations

Three ranges based on unique flavour styles

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