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La Zuppa is the story of my family

From our Italian roots, to our Australian upbringing to our global travels, generations of naturally delicious dishes have found their way into our family cookbook. What everyone in our family shares, is a belief in the value of wholesome, healthy food, and the importance of catering for everyone whatever their needs and tastes. We’ve always said that everybody is welcome to dine at the La Zuppa table!

Our Italian Roots helped cement our love of good food

My parents migrated to Australia from the Veneto region in 1924. After the Second World War, I started teaching English classes to Italian migrants who couldn’t speak the language, which is where I met my husband, Carlo Valmorbida. Not long after arriving from Italy, Carlo started working in Frank Agostino’s grocery store on Swanston Street Melbourne, and a month after we married in 1950, Frank retired and Carlo bought Agostino’s. We then went to open more grocery stores across Melbourne. We sold things that Italians hadn’t been able to get in Australia – olive oil, parmesan cheese, giardiniera (mixed pickled vegetables) and on Saturdays there was always a queue for our Italian sausages! Carlo always trusted that Australians would like the Italian products that he brought to Australia and he was right.

While our love of Italian food will always be core to our family, as the family has grown so has the love of good food and ingredients from around the world.


Our range of wholesome and all natural convenient soups and one-pot dishes are based on recipes from our family cookbook and inspired by dishes from all over the world. They are always natural, free from preservatives and gluten, with a variety of dairy and low fat options.

Our Chapters

Our flavour ranges are inspired by our family cookbook, three chapters that tell the story of each generation.

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